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What do I do when someone opens a business just like mine?

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You’ve spent months, perhaps even years, creating your delicious offerings and making them fly when, all of a sudden, some new kid rocks up doing the same thing. What do you do? Well, obviously, you have an endless list of options. (NOTE: I’m assuming this business is not impinging on copyright nor stealing anything thatContinue Reading

Trying to be “affordable”? Why you need to stop right now.


Are you trying to be affordable? Do you find yourself playing with your pricing to make your prices appear totally irresistible, or too good to be true? The thing is, too many people are going on this quest to be affordable and connecting affordability with price. When affordability is all to do with value, specificallyContinue Reading

My top tips for working from home efficiently!

working from home

I often receive emails from people struggling to work from home. Whilst working from home can be super liberating, and save you oodles of time on the commute to work, it can be challenging. Many struggle to find the time to market their business, or just get down to work. Throw in a little humanContinue Reading

5 common marketing mistakes (and how to avoid them)

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Everyday I see amazing businesses fall prey to some of the the most common marketing mistakes. Just because you have a great idea and are super talented at what you do doesn’t mean your business is going to be a success (sorry darling!) Do you ever get stuck when it comes to marketing your deliciousContinue Reading

12 tips on how to promote what you have already created! {inspiration included}

promote what you have already created

Looking to get more sales without having to create a new product or service? Well, look no further. Promote what you have already created You’ve probably spent hours/days/weeks creating and developing your delicious offerings. But have you promoted it enough? Chances are you haven’t. If you’re having a dip in sales you don’t have toContinue Reading

6 easy ways to generate awesome word of mouth (Work your Networks!)

Work your networks

Word of mouth is still one of the most important marketing activities you need to make your business fly. Getting the word out there about your delicious offerings is crucial (obviously)! Many seem to stall when it comes to reaching out for a number of reasons; fear of being salesy or waiting for the “perfect”Continue Reading

How to find out if your images are being used online in 3 clicks!

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We are all familiar with how to search for an image online using “the Google”. However, you might not be familiar with how to find out if your images are being used online. The “reverse search” method to find the original source of an image can be done in 3 clicks and is actually relevant toContinue Reading

5 ways to save time and make more money!

Save time and make more money

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to save time and make more money. Sounds like a dream come true but it’s not impossible. Ever wondered how some seem to juggle everything from family, work, crazy social commitments manage to roll out drool worthy offerings into the world AND still have a smile onContinue Reading

3 ridiculously simple things you can do right now to get more sales!

get more sales

Do you want to get more sales? YES! Of course you do! What I am going to share with you now is something so ridiculously simple yet so many overlook these 3 tips. Nothing slimy, sleazy or icky-poo here. 1. Remind everyone you know, on and offline, what your business does. All too often weContinue Reading

Is your niche too small?

niche too small

Working out where your delicious offerings fit into this world can often feel like witchcraft or wizardry. You have probably been told repeatedly about the importance of finding your niche. That sweet spot that will guarantee unrivaled clarity and crazy cash? Finding your niche is a real challenge, and most times it finds you. After all thatContinue Reading